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Illinois, which ranks in the top 5 states for home purchases by foreigners, is expected to continue to draw a stable and larger group of foreign homebuyers since Midwest home values are still not fully recovered since the recession of 2008, according to research by the National Association of Realtors.

Chicago has the country's fourth-highest volume of foreign investment in 2015, which reached $3.27 billion, and the biggest overseas investors are from Norway, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, UK and China. 

The China Market

With the Chinese government loosening capital restrictions, the country’s wealthy individuals and companies are moving more money overseas, in search of better returns elsewhere. A chunk of the money is flowing into residential real estate, particularly in the United States, where the Chinese represent the largest group of overseas buyers. The trend, which began on the coasts, is now moving to the Midwest. (Source: China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange, via The New York Times)

Source: “2015 Profile of Home Buying Activity of International Clients,” National Association of Realtors, via The New York Times

International Marketing


#1 viewed site in China - helping Chinese buy overseas properties


One of the biggest social media platforms of China. 261 million active users.


WeChat is the most popular social networking site in China. 846 million monthly active users.

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