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Goal Analysis

We work to know our client - what they value and what they expect. Our work starts with a synthesizing analysis of their objectives, proper financial analysis, and thoughtfully planning every step of our strategy.  We help our clients see every angel of a real estate opportunity in the constant changing market conditions, and how to strategically navigate challenges to meet their investment and lifestyle needs.

1-goal analysis


There is a much to consider when deciding on purchasing a home with cash versus obtaining financing via a mortgage. We are actively guiding our clients in the process of Pre-Qualification -- We help gauge your buying capability and shop with confidence!

For international buyers, please learn more here.

2-pre qualification

Property Search

Finding a perfect home to fit your needs takes a great deal of time and effort, from home types and floor plans, to amenities, neighborhood and price; we are here to walk with you through the entire process, offer great tools and resources, and keep the process simple and enjoyable. 

3- property search
4- contract negociation

Contract Negotiation

Once you’ve found that dream home, our goal is to help you negotiate the best possible price and secure the property before somebody else buys it. 

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

We're always mindful and methodical about how we pursue the due diligence process and work closely with an attorney, when needed. We strive to ensure the accuracy of all inspections, essential paperwork, and your comfort level prior to closing.



Be Your Ground.

We engage with our international clients through mature understanding and transparent communication. As US-based real estate experts, we aim to protect foreign buyers’ interest and create value with their real estate investment while making the property search and purchasing process as rewarding and efficient as possible.

Get in touch with us.

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Strategically guide you when buying a home in the US

We stay on top of real time market information, and take extra effort to inform and educate our foreign buyers

in the process of purchasing property in the US market. We aim to be your ground where you need us to be.


There are lists of documentation that are required to identify who you are and the country of origin. Foreign buyer also need to obtain an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) that is required by the IRS.


In 2016, the National Association of Realtors reports that 74% of foreign buyers made an all-cash purchase. Qualified foreign buyers with a 30 to 40 percent down payment can often obtain financing for their U.S. real estate purchases. 


Buying a property without knowing its true condition can be incredibly risky.  We recommend all our clients to employ the services of a home inspector so that the condition of the property is properly understood.


This is our part! We work closely with international clients to thoughtfully and methodically plan our strategy based on their expectations and lifestyle needs. 


Foreign buyers will often be asked to provide the following documents when obtaining a mortgage:

  • Credit References

  • Identification - visa and passport

  • Verification of Rent/Mortgage payment

  • Proof of employment

  • Three months of bank statements

  • Adequate Closing Funds 


Buyers are typically responsible for paying for title insurance costs, legal fees and recording fees. In the US, a new owner does not need to attend the closing. Instead, the owner can provide his or her representative with “Power of Attorney". The representative will close the deal on behalf of the new owner. 


We conduct in-depth research based on personalized analysis. We want to find and secure a property that fits the client's exact needs. Live showings, virtual tours & Skype web touring will ensure that you enjoy this process as much as we do, even remotely when needed!


Every US lender requires borrowers to purchase homeowners insurance to protect the home from any potential damage or natural disaster. Insurance costs vary based on the size and value of the property and by location.  


Tax liability is different for foreign nationals than it is for US residents. Federal tax on long term investments (holding property over a year) is 30% for foreigners. We recommend consulting a tax specialist to provide assistance with property tax and required forms. 

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